Commercial Agreement Makes d-Nav Insulin Guidance Service Available to Selected Type 2 Diabetes Population in Michigan

About Hygieia

We believe there is a better way to use insulin.

Over 20,000 patient years of study data support insulin therapy as an effective treatment for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Yet only a fraction of those taking insulin reach the ADA/EASD recommended A1C goal. Why do so many of those who take insulin struggle? In study after study, when expert teams continually worked to fine-tune insulin therapy, patients reached their A1C targets. But self-adjusting insulin dosage proved too difficult for people to do without the weekly support of their healthcare team.

If there were an easy way for someone taking insulin to get weekly dosage updates, would it help them succeed? The extensive research conducted to answer this question said yes. And so Hygieia, Inc. was founded. The d-Nav service was created to make a difference and help more people who are on insulin therapy succeed. d-Nav supports its users between clinic visits by making small weekly adjustments to their insulin dosage – like an expert would.

Statue of goddess Hygieia
Image from Howard Cheng

Why d-Nav?

The d is for diabetes and Nav is for navigate. d-Nav is a navigation tool for successful insulin therapy. Ever used a GPS to find your way? We wanted to create a similar experience for insulin therapy. We know the road gets tricky and that occasionally we take a wrong turn. d-Nav is there to help. 

Why Hygieia?

Hygieia’s founders, Drs. Eran Bashan and Israel Hodish, named their company after a goddess from Greek and Roman mythology. Hygieia was the daughter of the “god of medicine” – Asclepius. She was known for disease prevention and good health.

At Hygieia we are cheering for your success and good health. We hope you find your way to make diabetes a smaller part of your life!