Drug Companies and Governments Taking Steps to Insure Insulin Supply During Pandemic

The makers of insulin for the U.S. are not only reassuring the diabetes community that the supply will not run out during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are taking steps to control costs. As the makers of the d-Nav® insulin management program, which combines artificial intelligence, patented technology and clinical virtual support to make insulin work better based on standards of care, Hygieia applauds these measures while acknowledging the larger issues they raise.

DiaTribe has a concise write-up on what all three of the U.S.’ insulin suppliers – Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Sanofi – are doing to control costs. All three companies have created ways for patients to get savings on insulin; they also have resources to work with patients that are uninsured.

Patients that need insulin and are facing challenges as a result of the pandemic, such as job or insurance loss, are encouraged to alert their pharmacists as soon as possible to ensure adequate supply. DiaTribe has a helpful page on this as well, for the insured or uninsured.

Meanwhile, the American Diabetes Association supports legislation that controls costs, and has been lobbying state by state to achieve regulation.

At Hygieia, we believe insulin is a good treatment to regulate blood sugar and a necessity for those people that depend on it. Our d-Nav system not only makes insulin work better by individualizing the dose, it uses insulin more effectively and achieves cost savings for everyone involved.

We’re glad that companies, regulators and advocates are taking steps to alleviate barriers to insulin use during the pandemic. We also hope this crisis puts in focus the ongoing needs of individuals that need this medication, and that the availability of insulin, and its affordability, will continue to be addressed with the same urgency as the pandemic continues and after it is done.