Commercial Agreement Makes d-Nav Insulin Guidance Service Available to Selected Type 2 Diabetes Population in Michigan

We believe insulin therapy should be easier

Insulin has been available for nearly 100 years, but we still aren’t using it effectively. Today, over 8 million people in the US and over 30 million worldwide use insulin to treat their diabetes. Most never reach their target HbA1c because the level of personal support required to titrate insulin effectively isn’t possible. This leads to poor health and complications for people with diabetes and higher prescription and healthcare costs. Studies have shown that for insulin to be effective it needs to be adjusted up to 100 times per year. Each adjustment would mean a physician or diabetes nurse educator has to attend to the patient. Today’s healthcare system is not built to handle this level of support….that’s where HYGIEIA comes in.


We’ve created d-Nav® to enhance and simplify insulin therapy. The Hygieia d-Nav service is an efficient, effective combination of smart cloud-based technology and a small team of healthcare professionals that provide valuable support to primary care physicians and help people with diabetes achieve improved health. d-Nav brings insulin therapy into the digital age by providing personalized adjustments to enhance and simplify it, maximizing insulin effectiveness for patients and the physicians who prescribe it, so that diabetes becomes a smaller part of the lives of people with the disease.


We partner with physicians and patients to provide training, follow up, and support to make sure patients are comfortable using d-Nav and stay on track. Patients enjoy improved health and fewer complications, which leads to lower prescription and healthcare costs.

For Patients
For Patients

Try HomeView

No need to change what you are doing; d-Nav will simplify your routine. Once you measure your glucose, d-Nav will provide you with a personalized insulin dose. That’s it. We are here to help every step of the way.

For Physicians
For Physicians

We know you’re busy and we want to help. Once you refer patients to the d-Nav service, we will take it from there and keep you updated through our HCP Portal where you can monitor your patients’ progress any time, night or day.

For Payers
For Payers

Our goal is to improve patients’ health and help keep costs under control. You will see reduced pharmacy costs while patients feel better, and providers experience increased satisfaction.

The d-Nav service helps patients reach their target HbA1c.

We have studied the current state of diabetes care, and believe there is a better way.


What Success Looks Like

Northern Ireland’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michael McBride identified d-Nav® as an opportunity to fundamentally transform patient care. Find out how Northern Ireland is using the d-Nav service.


Dedicated to a better way

Meet the members of our team. Hygieia’s management, directors, and advisors are committed to increasing the quality of life of patients through better clinical pathways. Our team includes some of the most experienced and talented leaders in diabetes.

See What d-Nav Can Do For You

If you share our belief that there must be a better way, we are keen to hear from you. Let’s find out together where the d-Nav service fits into your health system.


Let’s change the world, together.

At Hygieia, we don’t just create products — we meet peoples’ fundamental needs by doing things differently. We aspire to create an easier way for people with diabetes, and make diabetes a smaller part of their lives. Join Hygieia, and help us change lives for good. Send us an email with your resume and a cover letter.