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Do you ever wonder why your A1C remains high despite your insulin injections? It is not your fault.


Your body’s insulin requirements change every week. Your A1C will only improve if you inject the right amount of insulin to meet your changing needs, but your physician cannot be with you to adjust your insulin dose on a weekly basis to keep up with these changing requirements.


The d-Nav® Insulin Guidance Service will be with you every day and will take the guesswork out of insulin dosing making insulin simpler to use and much more effective at getting and keeping your A1C at desired levels.

We Improve and Simplify Insulin Management

Hygieia has been focused on insulin management since 2008 and developed the d‑Nav® Insulin Guidance Service to specifically address this issue.


We are a specialty provider that successfully improves the health and well-being of people dealing with type 2 diabetes through better prescribing of diabetes medications and on going insulin dose guidance.


Our solution combines a high-touch specialized medical service using ongoing support through our d‑Nav® Care Centers and a personal device that provides customized insulin dose guidance on a daily basis prior to each insulin injection.

How Does the d‑Nav® Insulin Guidance Service Work?

Our goal is to help you unleash the power of insulin in managing your diabetes without disrupting your lifestyle.

Your path begins with a visit to one of our d‑Nav® Care Centers where we will measure your A1C and give you our easy‑to‑use, patented tool which will be customized to your individual needs.

From that point forward, d-Nav® will guide you before every injection taking the guesswork out of managing your insulin dosing.

We will mail your testing supplies out to you on a regular basis, free of charge.

We will support you. Our trained clinical staff will follow up with you regularly by phone to be sure you are able to use the service successfully and to answer any of your questions.

Twice a year, we will invite you to visit one of our d-Nav® Care Centers to measure your A1C and to celebrate your progress!

We will review your diabetes-related medications and show you how to simplify that part of your life as well.

We’re All in This Together!


Your doctor is an important part of your team, and you will continue to see your physician just like before.  Our clinical team will provide your physician with information about the d-Nav® Service and keep him/her informed of any significant changes to your insulin therapy, as well as your progress toward your goal.

As part of the d-Nav® Service, we will  provide you with testing supplies at no cost and test your A1C at least twice a year to monitor and track your progress.

For your convenience, our experienced team of d-Nav® care professionals will be just a telephone call away, ready to respond to any insulin therapy-related questions that you may have, however big or small.

Insurance plans provide this service to their members at no further cost or co-pays. In the event that your insurance plan does not cover the d-Nav® Service, we have reasonably priced options that should allow you to benefit from the service and still help you to cut down on your total out of pocket expenses.


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